Slobodanka Bobana Dabović Đurić was born on 4th of May 1990 in Podgorica (Montenegro). She has acquired primary and secondary music education at school for music and ballet "Vasa Pavić" in Podgorica, piano department, in the class of Professor Miladin Peruničić and Professor Anka Asanović. In 2009 she enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, music department, Department for composition, in the class of Professor Zoran Mulić. Four years later, she acquired the title of graduated composer, in the same year, she enrolled in master studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of professor Zoran Mulić. In 2015 she has acquired master's degree by defending Koncertni stav za simfonijski orkestar (Concerts Movement for the Symphonic Orchestra) with the highest grade "A".

Works were performed at numerous festivals and projects: A fest, Piano practikumVoice of an Angel – Tijana Jurić, Play-in, 2K+, Eufonija, Homage to Stevan St. Mokranjac, 40 years od of Academy of arts in NS, Concert for Čačalica, Female Composers from the Shadow, Pianoforte, Solemn academy "Semper iuvenis", Solemn  academy "Martinic Battle 220 years", Creative MNE, Horizon on Tisa.

In July 2015, she held her first author evening entitled Freedom of Silence in Budva and two years after she also held her second author evening in KIC "Budo Tomović" in Podgorica, within the cycle named "Young Montenegrin Female Composers". She composed the music for the films: One Day of Life (directed by Momir Matović), Russian Caps (directed by Kosta Đorđević), TAM 4500 (directed by Momir Matović) and play Wuthering Heights (directed by Dora Ružđak Podolski).

Piano compositions Ad libitum improvisando No. 4 "Rukoveti" found place on the CD as part of the magazine Musica classica. She currently works as an assistant in the music sector KIC "Budo Tomović”.

***All compositions are under the protection of the Organisation for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors of Montenegro - PAM CG (

Slobodanka Bobana Dabovic



Piece for flute no. 1 (2009)

Ad libitum improvisando no. 1 for piano (2009)

 Good Morning to the Young Dew for voice and piano (2010) 
rhymes: Blagoje Baković

Play for clarinet and piano (2011)

Gedeceba for violin and cello (2011)

Stražanik for cello, piano and toms (2012)

Christmas in My Home for choir (2012) 
rhymes: Blagoje Baković

Ad libitum improvisando on two themes no. 2 for piano (2012)

Instruments of Noise for string quartet (2013)

Fantasy for flute, bassoon, violin and cello (2013)

Ad libitum improvisando "Odjeci" no. 3 for piano (2013)

Ad libitum improvisando “Rukovet” no. 4 for piano (2014)

Cherubic Hymn for flute, cello and female chorus (2014)

An electronic version of the same video All Alone in the Night for the combined orchestra (2014)

Concert play for symphony orchestra (2015)

Ad libitum improvisando "Lesendro" no. 5 for piano (2015)

The Fishery of Souls for female chorus (2015) 
rhymes: Stella Davis

Dialogue for flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello (2015)

Semper iuvenis for solo violin (2015)

Peonies for cello and accordion (2016)

Space for flute and harp (2016)

Sonata for flute and piano (2016)

Snow&Dance for flute and guitar (2016)

Time Portrait of harp and accordion (2016)

At the Time of Chaos for string orchestra and bass drum (2017)

Valz of Saxophones Quartet (2017)

Ad libitum improvisando "Ederlezi" no. 6 for piano and toms (2017)

"D" composition for nonstandard chamber orchestra (2017)

  Hero of Vision for clarinet and accordion (2017)

Broken Words for voice and string quartet (2018) 
rhymes: Snežana Ivanović

Life for vibraphone, piano, accordion, female choir, cello and toms (2018) 
rhymes: Snežana Ivanović

The Scream for violin and cello (2018)

Dance of the Flying Spheres for accordion and string quartet (2018)

Monet's Garden at Giverny for violin, viola, cello, voice, toms, snare drum and bass drum (2018)

Symphony no. 1 Echo of the Deity (2019)

Tree of Hope for accordion (2019)

And, Again Autumn for voice and piano (2019) 
rhymes: Vitomir Vito Nikolić

Dioclea for nonstandard chamber orchestra (2019)


Films and plays

Film: One Day of Life (2015)
directed by Momir Matović

Film: Russian Caps (2015)
directed by Kosta Đorđević

Play: Wuthering Heights (2017)
directed by Dora Ružđak Podolski

Film: TAM 4500 (2017) 
directed by Momir Matović

Musical - stage piece: Dioclea (2019) 
directed by Aleksandar Vujović

Multimedia art: Elementals (2019) 
butoh dance: Bojana Popadić / sculptor: Nikola Radonjić Johnny / music: Slobodanka Bobana Dabović Đurić

Film: Rainbow (2020) 
directed by Aleksandar Vujović



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Video compositions




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